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How to turbo-charge your Office 365 and SharePoint skills in just 24-hours!

Sometimes it feels like the Office 365 suite (both products and services) are being updated more often than the pound fluctuates against the dollar!

In fact Microsoft are doing an incredible job - just look at the Office Roadmap. In the last 30 days alone they've launched 30 new features, are rolling out 31 and are still working on another 95! It's non-stop and really is something to delight end-users that are crying out for productivity improvements.  

How do you keep up to date with such an amazing amount of change?

However, there is a downside to such an active release cycle...

How do you keep your product knowledge and skills up to date?

  • Do you find it hard to stay up to date with all the new releases coming from Microsoft?
  • Do you wish you could spend more time 'learning' rather than 'doing'?
  • Do you want to know better ways of achieving something and therefore be able to do more in less time?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, then we've a special challenge for you!

Download and add this meeting invite to your calendar, set your 'out of office' for 19th - 20th October (or get a conference room at work) and then join us online for the BIG ONE!

To ensure maximum enjoyment of this event we suggest the following preparations before Mark Kashman's Keynote starts:

  • ​Book you place here (and make a note of your ID and Password)
  • Grab a Notebook (you can use OneNote or plain old paper)
  • Organize a comfy chair (and even some pj's ;).
  • Plan snack and meal breaks - food is fuel after all!
  • Then grab one of these : Laptop, PC, tablet, phone (or as we do ... TV with Chromecast).
  • Get prepared to collaborate in our chat rooms with your peers as well as with the expert speakers themselves. 
  • Clear your mind and get ready to absorb some of the most up to date content there is. 

Thinking of watching on-demand?

If you're anything like me, you will never get around to watching the sessions on-demand. I still have gigs and gigs of SharePoint conference sessions downloaded with few actually watched.

Life and work gets in the way. 

We really do recommend that you turn up. It's never quite the same on-demand. There's something so very cool about sitting there live with people from all over the world. This is your ticket to give yourself some time to learn by joining for free at the Collab365 conference. We challenge you to stay awake for as long as you can - and I am proud to say that more than a few of you will stay with us for the full 24-hours! 

If you accept this challenge, I guarantee you will wake up Friday morning with more knowledge, more skill and a head buzzing with new ideas and solutions to things you do day in and day out.  

Obviously, if you really can't make it on the day then we will be making all content available on-demand available via our new subscription service, Collab365.tv (coming soon). However, this will not be for a few weeks.

Ok, ok ... I don't want to miss out - but what do I watch?

​Great! I guess by this point you've made a conscious decision to come 🙂 Make sure you grab your free pass... then pop back here.

When you look at the Collab365 Global Conference agenda you will no doubt be blown away as we have 121 sessions across SharePoint, Azure, Office 365 Groups, Delve, new look team sites, powershell, migrations, Flow, PowerApps, User Adoption, SPFx, Worflows, Project Online, Search and so much more. We know ... that's a lot!!

We do realise that you may find it both time-consuming and stressful just deciding on what to watch, so don't worry we've got you covered!!!

Mark Kashman's Top 6 Sessions

Not only is ​Mark our Keynote this year, but he is also a Senior Product Manager on the SharePoint team focused primarily on SharePoint Online, the mobile and intelligent intranet, Delve & the Office Graph.  We asked Mark to recommend 5 sessions (he gave 6!) that are un-missable!

Need even more recommendations?

If you're a Developer, Admin or even a heavily business-focused person then we also asked other well-known experts from the community to share their Top 5 'Hot' sessions. I have also put together a list of 7 unmissable sessions at the Collab365 Global Conference and because I felt 7 wasn't enough I added 11 More Conference Sessions That You Will Kick Yourself For Missing!

Need even more recommendations?

Once you've decided don't forget to build your own personal conference plan by using the "ADD TO PLAN" button on the agenda (once logged in).

SharePoint Tournament - Oct 20th 3pm - 4pm UTC

We're also trying some fun towards the end of the conference! We're going to be running a live, multi-player, 50 question quiz to see who knows most about SharePoint. We've also got 1000$ worth of prizes supplied by Concept Searching! Read more about it here.

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7 unmissable sessions at the Collab365 Global Conference

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