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5 'Red Hot' Global Conference Sessions picked by our SharePoint Experts

We asked our panel of experts what their top 5, unmissable sessions were at the Global Conference and the results are in. If you want us to feature your 'top 5' then send over a short bio, picture and your top 5 to [email protected] You can find the full agenda here.

Here's the panel (so far)

Nick Brattoli

Andre Vala

Juan Carlos

Hugh Wood

Jasper Oosterveld

Bill Ayers

Nuno Arias Silva

Marc D Anderson

Mark Kashman

Christian Buckley

Heather Newman

Matthias Einig

Benjamin Niaulin

Joel Oleson

Please note: We strongly recommend that you register for free and attend the conference during the scheduled 24 hours because the content may not be freely available on-demand afterwards!

Mark Kashman's Top 6 Sessions

​Mark is a Senior Product Manager on the SharePoint team focused primarily on SharePoint Online, the mobile and intelligent intranet, and Delve & the Office Graph. He has worked at MSFT since 2000. He started working with SharePoint building a digital asset management (DAM) solution built on top of SharePoint 2007 (IMM, the Interactive Media Manager) before moving to the SharePoint team. He lives in the Sammamish, WA area and enjoys kayaking, biking, hiking, ballet/soccer/science club/swimming (all the Dad duties), and quiet-bird-chirping moments for reading and writing books - when not playing that darned addictive Bejeweled. @mkashman

Nick Brattoli's Top 5 Sessions

Nick Brattoli is an Ohio native, SharePoint MCSE, Office 365 MCSA, and self-employed Consultant. He’s worked in the IT Field for 13 years, 7 of which have been SharePoint-focused. Over the years, he’s worked in a variety of industries, such as Healthcare, Finance, Law, and Manufacturing. He currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama, and is focusing on building experience in cloud technologies. In his free time, he practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and works on nerdy projects.

Andre Vala's Top 5 Sessions

André Vala is a Microsoft MVP for Office Servers and Services and a SharePoint Solutions Architect. He has been working with SharePoint for the last 10 years on projects that range from Corporate Intranets and Extranets to large Internet Portals, and has been an invited speaker in several Microsoft and community events.

Juan Carlos's Top 5 Sessions

Juan Carlos is Office Servers & Services MVP with more than 13 years of experience in diverse Microsoft products and technologies such as SQL Server, Visual Studio or .NET Framework; although he currently works as a Solutions Architect & Productivity Advisor skilled in SharePoint and Office 365 platforms.

Hugh Wood's Top 5 Sessions

When I don't have my time buried in MSIL and C#, I am passionately writing JavaScript, learning the bleeding edge technologies, building my super awesome computer system, drawing, going to the gym, and spending time with my beautiful girlfriend and cat Momo. I'm an advocate of the use of JavaScript in all web technology development, and I believe that the future is in this technology.

Jasper Oosterveld's Top 5 Sessions

Jasper Oosterveld is a frequently booked speaker and he writes blogs and articles about a topic that makes his heart beat faster: SharePoint and Office 365. At Sparked he provides seamless implementations of SharePoint Online and Office365 as Cloud Consultant. Jasper is able to keep track of both the outline and micromanage and he works flexibly and convincingly towards the very best result for his principals. As co-founder of the site SP&C NL he supports corporate users, but he also provides fresh information about SharePoint and Office 365 via Twitter and LinkedIn on a daily basis. 

Bill Ayers Top 5 Sessions

Bill Ayers is a consultant developer and solution architect who has been working on SharePoint since the 2003 version of the product. He is a Microsoft Certified Master and Charter MCSM, and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. He specializes in collaboration and Intranet portals and mobile solutions with a particular focus on agile software development practices. He has over 20 years’ experience in the software industry, and speaks regularly at international conferences and user groups. He is also a moderator on SharePoint.StackExchange.com, and blogs occasionally at http://SPDoctor.net/. He is based in Sheffield, UK.

Matthias Einig's Top 5 Sessions

No matter if your next SharePoint environment is on-premises or on SharePoint Online, the new add-in model is beyond doubt the recommended and only future-proof way to develop customization. With this change developers are now facing the challenge what to do with their existing full trust SharePoint solutions. In this session you will learn how to analyze and transform your SharePoint farm solutions by: - Getting an overview of the used SharePoint artifacts in full trust code - Discovering roadblocks and align your strategy and decisions - Applying best practices and patterns for the successful transformation

Joel Oleson's Top 5 Sessions

Joel has played a pivotal role in the success of Microsoft SharePoint as the first full time employee hired in IT to deploy and manage what would become SharePoint at Microsoft. In 2003 he managed global collaboration team at Microsoft which included file shares, personal storage, and the SharePoint platform. For the SharePoint 2007 release he architected the solution for the first version of SharePoint in the cloud. As a Senior Product Manager on the SharePoint team, he managed the IT audience and was the voice of the IT professional for SharePoint. Since his time at Microsoft he's designed SharePoint products, run enterprise collaboration engineering and dev teams, helped drive social and marketing content marketing strategies for partners, circumnavigating the globe as a SharePoint evangelist speaking on all 7 continents. He is frequently recognized in top Office 365 & SharePoint Influencers.

Nuno Arias Silva's Top 5 Sessions

Manager at GFI Portugal - Infrastructure Services - MVP Office Servers and Services at GFI (Microsoft Gold Partner) for Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, Private Cloud, Infrastructure, Active Directory, SQL and Auditing Microsoft Products, support at pre-sales and sales areas. Specialist in Office 365, with a focus on Exchange, Virtualization and System Center With more than 17 years’ experience in Datacenter Architectures, Nuno has 30+ certifications (MCT, MCSE, MCITP, MCSA and MCTS among others) from 1999.

Marc D Anderson's Top 510 Sessions

Marc is the Co-Founder and President of Sympraxis Consulting LLC, located in the Boston suburb of Newton, MA, USA. Sympraxis focuses on enabling collaboration throughout the enterprise using the SharePoint application platform.Marc has over 30 years of experience in technology professional services and software development. Over a wide-ranging career in consulting as well as line manager positions, Marc has proven himself as a problem solver and leader who can solve difficult technology problems for organizations across a wide variety of industries and organization sizes.Marc is the developer of the jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services (SPServices) and The SPXSLT Codeplex Project. He is a repeat recipient of the Microsoft MVP award for SharePoint Server (2011-2016).

Benjamin Niaulin's Top 5 Sessions

Benjamin Niaulin is an Office Servers and Services MVP, recognized as one of the Top 25 SharePoint influencers in 2014 and 2nd for Office 365 in 2015. Being a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 2008 has allowed him to become proficient in simplifying complex technologies, making him an expert in SharePoint & Office 365 vulgarization. He's even gone as far as co-authoring a book on Responsive Design for SharePoint. Thanks to his expertise and passion in the field, he can easily talk to you for hours and still find something new to say! This has allowed him to speak at over 200 conferences around the world.

Heather Newman's Top 5 Sessions

Heather Newman is a technology entrepreneur and award-winning senior marketing professional that thrives in both startups and established corporations. She is an adept storyteller and is passionate about growth for both employees and the corporate bottom-line. Heather hails from the arts and the bulk of her career has been working with the largest technology companies in the world (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, NetApp, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell). She brings a strong creative spirit to the table with a mind for product, brand and experiential marketing.

Heather is the Chief Evangelist and CMO of Content Panda, a high tech business dedicated to creating products that deliver a superior user experience that drive value to businesses. Content Panda’s family of products deliver an in-context help, training and support experience in the user interface--right where and when users need it. Heather lives in Sebastopol, CA and enjoys traveling the world speaking about Office 365, SharePoint and Women in Technology. You can follow her travels and writing on Twitter and Instagram at @heddanewman and her marketing blog at Creative Maven.com.

Christian Buckley's Top 5 Sessions

​Christian Buckley is an Office365 MVP, Top 25 SharePoint Influencer, and Chief Marketing Officer for Beezy, an Office 365 and SharePoint ISV focusing on UX, social, and enterprise collaboration. Prior to Beezy, Christian was a key part of two SharePoint ISV acquisitions, served as Chief Evangelist for Metalogix, and was member of the Microsoft team that launched SharePoint Online (now part of Office365). His entrepreneurial background includes several years running a regional consulting firm, co-founding a 501c3 non-profit (merged with a Lockheed non-profit), and co-founding and serving as CEO of a software company (acquired by Rational Software). Through these experiences, he worked with some of the world’s largest technology and manufacturing firms to design, build, and deploy social, collaboration, and supply chain solutions.

SharePoint Tournament - October 20th 3:00pm - 4:00pm UTC

We're also trying to inject some fun towards the end of the conference! We're going to be running a live, multi-player, 50 question quiz to see who knows most about SharePoint. We've also got 1000$ worth of prizes supplied by Concept Searching! Read more about it here.

What's your list?

Why not take a look at the agenda and let us know which sessions you don't want to miss? Leave your top 5 in the comments...

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